After school

Many schools have after-school programs to accommodate children of parents who work. Some of these programs are free, but most charge a fee. Some after-school programs are held in the school building, and others are at community organizations. Call your child's school to find out about after-school programs, or see the city’s online directory of 500 free after-school and vacation programs. (The Department of Youth and Community Development has a search tool where you can type in your zip code and find the program nearest you.)

Below are other organizations that run after-school programs or provide resources to parents and students:

  • Harlem Educational Activities Fund is a not-for-profit supplemental education and youth development organization that identifies scholars in middle school and supports them until they are successfully admitted to four-year colleges through a variety of after-school, Saturday and summer programs.
  • Out-of-School Time, New York City's official after-school initiative, features more than 550 programs that provide a mix of academic, recreational and cultural activities for young people after school, during the holidays and in the summer.
  • Partnership for After-School Education provides technical support to schools and community agencies. The website lists locations of programs and what they offer.
  • Police Athletic League sponsors numerous after-school and summer programs. Program locations are listed by borough with contact information.
  • The After-School Corporation sponsors and funds programs in public schools. Its website shows maps of districts and schools where they are located.
  • YMCA has extensive after-school program options, some of which are free.
  • The Beacon Program runs school-based community centers serving children, youth and adults. There are currently 80 Beacons located throughout the city operating in the afternoons and evenings, on weekends and during school holidays, vacation periods and summer.
  • Center for Children's Initiatives (CCI) provides a referral service that helps parents locate appropriate child care and pre-kindergarten programs.