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District 19

Located in East New York in the southeast corner of Brooklyn, District 19 serves a mostly low-income population including residents of the 19 tower Boulevard public housing project and the Linden houses, with more than 3,000 residents.

Despite its socio-economic disadvantages, the district has a few successful schools, and is home to PS 89, the only k–8 Spanish/English dual-language school open citywide, which has a high level of parent involvement.

Frederick Douglass Academy VIII Middle School offers a stimulating education in academics and the arts and attracts high-achievers from across the district.

Thomas Jefferson High School was closed in 2007 due to poor performance. Renamed the Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus, it now houses four small schools that share sports teams, a garden, a health center, a library and cafeteria. Another small interesting high school that takes students from outside their neighborhood zones is The School for Classics: An Academy of Thinkers, Writers and Performers.

There are also a number of charter schools in the area. 

District contacts

The superintendent appoints principals, evaluates schools and approves budgets:

Elementary and middle school superintendent: Dr. Thomas McBryde Jr., (718) 240-2700

High school superintendent: Karen Watts, (718) 455-4635

For individual parent concerns, contact:

Elementary and middle school family support coordinator: Victoria Edwards, (718) 240-2700

High school family support coordinator: Corrine Mattis, (718) 455-4635

For help with PTAs or district-wide events, contact:

Elementary and middle school family leadership coordinator: Rosemary Roman, (718) 240-2742

High school family leadership coordinator: Gregory Hagin, (718) 455-4635

The elected members of the Community Education Council (CEC) approve school zoning lines and advise on education policy:

CEC: Community Education Council 19, (718) 240-2743

(718) 272-8033

District 19 office
557 Pennsylvania Ave, Room 205
Brooklyn, NY 11207 - Map
Special Education

Most questions about speciale ducation can be answered by your child's teacher or principal. If you are new to New York City or your child attends private or parochial school, contact the nearest Committee on Special Education for an evaluation.

Committee on Special Education
Mariama Sandi
1665 St. Marks Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - Map

Phone: 71824035578

To enroll your child, go to the school or the nearest Family Welcome Center.

Family Welcome Center
1665 St. Marks Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - Map

Phone: (718) 240-3500

This center handles both general education and special education enrollment

If these offices can not answer your questions, see DOE contacts

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