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District 11

District 11, in the northeast Bronx, borders Westchester County on the north and includes the leafy neighborhoods of Pelham Parkway, Eastchester, and Woodlawn; the high-rise towers of Co-op City; the tiny seaside community of City Island; and the low-rise apartments around Albert Einstein Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center and Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. The district has a mix of expensive and moderately priced single-family houses as well as co-ops and rentals. The district is home to PS 153, the Helen Keller school, which serves students with severe disabilities, those in general education and gifted students.

There are a number of safe neighborhood schools with strong leadership and average or higher test scores but they tend to have large classes including PS 19, PS 121 and PS/IS 83. City Island, PS 175, is housed in an untraditional, even bizarre, building with "open classrooms" and giant picture windows that give splendid views of Long Island Sound. PS/IS 194, opened in 2003 to ease overcrowding, is also housed in a modern building with science labs and a state-of-the-art library.

Several Icahn Charter Schools have opened in recent years. Supported by billionaire financier Carl Icahn, these high-performing schools offer small classes, a longer school day, lots of testing and lessons in history, geography and science starting in the youngest grades.

Pablo Casals has a gifted program open to middle school children across the district. The High School of Computers and Technology is a Career and Technical Education option that prepares students for career or college after they graduate.

District contacts

The superintendent appoints principals, evaluates schools and approves budgets:

Elementary and middle school superintendent: Meisha Ross Porter, (718) 519-2620

High school superintendent: Carron Staple, (718) 741-5834

For individual parent concerns, contact:

Elementary and middle school family support coordinator: Frank Valverde, (718) 519-2620

High school family support coordinator: Michelle Edwards, (718) 741-5834

For help with PTAs or district-wide events, contact:

Elementary and middle school family leadership coordinator: Marian Martinez, (718) 519-2668

High school family leadership coordinator: Irving Roman, (718) 741-5834

The elected members of the Community Education Council (CEC) approve school zoning lines and advise on education policy:

District 11 office
1250 Arnow Ave.
Bronx, NY 10469 - Map
Special Education

Most questions about special education can be answered by your child's teacher or principal. If you are new to New York City or your child attends private or parochial school, contact the nearest Committee on Special Education for an evaluation.

Committee on Special Education
Michele Beatty
3450 E. Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10465 - Map

Phone: 71879474297187947490

Phone: (718) 794-7429


To enroll your child, go to the school or the nearest Family Welcome Center.

Family Welcome Center
1230 Zerega Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462 - Map

Phone: (718) 828-2975

Special Education Enrollment
3450 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10465
Phone: (718) 794-7420

If these offices can not answer your questions, see DOE contacts

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