Marble Hill Nursery School

5470 Broadway
Bronx NY 10463 Map
Phone: (718) 562-7055
Website: Click here
Neighborhood: Marble Hill
Grade range: PK
Full Day
Community-based pre-k
Extended Day
Preference to low-income families: May have income or other eligibility requirements. Contact for more information.
Number of seats: 40 full-day seats
Extended hours offered: Yes
Playspace: Outdoor (on-site) Playspace
Meals provided: Breakfast/Lunch/Snack(s)
Enhanced Language: No

InsideSchools Review

Our review:

Opened in 1953, the Marble Hill Nursery is a parent cooperative that "remains strong," according to Kym Vanderbilt of Lehman College and the NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute.

It was established with the support of Bank Street College and has accreditation from the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), considered the gold standard of early childhood education.

By encouraging the children to explore different activities, such as dancing, painting, writing and clay making, and by taking them on field trips, they learn about the world around them, according to the website. [see photo from website]

The program welcomes all children, including those with special needs, and emphasizes collaboration among kids. Parents assist in fundraisers, volunteer in classrooms and serve on committees.

ADMISSIONS: Preference to low-income families; Marble Hill offers full-day and extended day UPK. Contact the school in early October to inquire about the following year. (Katie Radvany, web reports, August 2016)


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